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Suggested donation is $11 a person.

Following the Winter Solstice, I give the land quiet time until early March. The chainsaw, tractor and mule are not allowed in the woods! It is a great time to fine real peace and quiet. If you plan a visit, it is a great time to be mindful of the sounds you put out into the world and to meditate on your own clarity of signal.

Fall Spiral, 2020


COVID-19 has invited us inward in 2020, represented here by a spiral in the newly thinned woods. 

Wood spiralIn the woods

Mission: Honoring the Earth, the Unseen, and the Mystery of this place and time through. Creating a healing balance between masculine and feminine, in harmony with the land through conscious presence and sound. 

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Harmony Farm's Medicine Wheels and Temples are spaces created for offering prayers and listening to All Relations and the land (animals, birds, plants, insects and the elements). Forms, given in visions, take shape through materials found on the land. Each space honors a specific place and energy, all creating a delicate balance between masculine and feminine energies. 

Harmony Medicine Wheel

Harmony Medicine WheelHarmony Medicine WheelFeminine

Sun Temple 

Sun TempleDual Spirit

42 Standing stones collected from the property.

Sun Temple


Moon Temple

Moon TempleFeminine

The Angel Sculptures are by Paula Jones Art.

Dragonfly Spider Temple

Dragonfly Spider Web Labyrinth, Summer 2020

Dragonfly shape-shifts into spiderSummer 2020 Prairie Temple Labyrinth


Open your heart and heal with the land by walking paths created in forms that facilitate flow, balance and harmony.

Fairie Spiral

Fairie Spiral, Feb. 2020Clockwise version



Fairie Spiral with Pyramid BaseAugust, 2018 Counterclockwise version

Guardian Inuksuk

GuardianWatcher of coming and going Guardian-sideWatcher of coming and going

GuardianWatcher of coming and going

These markers, originating in the Arctic Circle, are used for many purposes. This Inuksuk guards the entrance to the farm, even as it marks the way into the heart of the land.

The Harmony Farm Alter and Bob Ross Bird Garden

HomesteadThe Harmony Farm Alter


Ghost lodgeGhost lodge


It is simple: your presence is your prayer. Any added intention amplifies that prayer.


Walking the labyrinth

A maze confuses, confounds, distorts, and disorients, while a labyrinth centers, focuses, and grounds, cultivating cohesion through inner and outer harmony. Walking in combination with the dual lemniscates (“infinity signs”) of the Dragonfly, or the spider web, increases balance, focus and well-being. The beauty and energy is all year around here!

Labyrinth in winterLabyrinth in winter

A labyrinth is walked in a single direction only. By following “the path” it will lead you to the center, just like your life walk! You may choose to “leave something behind” (an old thought form or pattern) on the walk inward, to open up space for something new in your life on the walk back out. Whatever mind and heart-space you choose, the labyrinth supports your journey towards your center, and your truer self.

Labyrinth bulgeLabyrinth bulge

Your presence is your prayer.

Your thoughts and intentions initiate the mechanics of that prayer's fulfillment by the Universe!



Lodge moonLodge moon

A little about the Temple construction. The labyrinth is a seven circuit triune design (eight circles divided into 3rds). It is part of a temple complex of three lemniscates (infinity signs, or the alphanumeric character "eight"). The lemniscate as a walking path is powerful. It leads you in both clockwise and counter-clockwise circles, and you pass through the center line three times, twice at the outer edges, and once where everything converges in the middle. This is highly symbolic for me. Three is a similar alphanumeric character to eight, but with openness on the left (feminine) side. It also represents the trinity of body, mind and spirit. The number three, for me, always symbolizes infinity, but with an openness for more! In this time of shift we are moving from the number seven, to the number eight as a representation of balance between masculine and feminine energies. I learned seven directions from native cosmology (four cardinal directions, with sky, earth and inner directions also). To this, I add an 8th direction, which I call "The Ancestors" to bring in time as a direction. Time also has triune division: past present and future. Eight, to me, represents balance around our centered point of "here and now." Please see my diagram below of elements, states and directions to get more of an overview of my cosmology. In the Fall of 2019, a vision showed the West wing of the dragonfly shapeshifting into a spider web. Dragonfly flies freely, while spider builds its home and stays put. These two energies combine to give the best of both choices: moving freely in the world while being "at home" wherever we are!

I did not "design" this temple as it is seen today from the sky. I simply "followed the instructions" given in inner visions. The first one was shortly after I bought the property. Sitting in meditation, I was shown a giant infinity sign in the field, and was asked to walk it with my eyes closed. It took a while to figure out where/how to orient it. One day when I went to that field, there were two bare patches at what is now the center of each lobe of the small lemniscate oriented (sort of...) north/south. That became the center stone for the whole thing. Next, in the intersection of that lemniscate came the freestanding nine rib hedge lodge. There are 8 ribs (one marking the east gate, two marking the west gate, with three in the masculine south, and 2 in the feminine north direction). These eight rest on a 9th "feminine" curvy pole which anchors the east gate into the lodge. None of this geometry and numerology was thought about consciously. It only became apparent after the lodge was done. In fact, my brain wanted there to be 13 ribs, for the Ancestors, but nine felt complete, and in trying to understand why, the perfection of the eight plus one ribs became evident.

I waited two years to make the big lemniscate in order to make sure it was aligned with the Winter Solstice Sunrise in the east, and the Summer Solstice Sunset in the West. Once I found that line, I laid out the 500 foot lemniscate. From there I added the labyrinth in the eastern lobe, and the western "leg," and DNA tail which inadvertently made it look like a dragonfly. It was only in the summer of 2014 when my nephew flew over and took a photo, that I saw the dragonfly! The labyrinth was forged in the spring of 2015, and that was the first year I saw the whole design from Google Earth. The "dancing lady" part came last, with a head, neck and tentacle, complete with a yoni in the west of the large lemniscate lobe. By Spring, 2016, all of the design elements were visible from Google Earth. You can see it on Google Earth at coordinates: 39°06'14.30"N and 95°18'32.09"W

The purpose of this temple is simple: to honor the ancestors who have gone before and will come after me, and to acknowledge the unseen energies of the land (the elementals: fairies, gnomes, elves, and the other-dimensional beings, off-planet visitors and higher/lower frequency residents, whom I cannot perceive physically, etc.). The paths are mowed, and in the spring of 2018, I added many stones to the labyrinth to articulate various geometries, some that I understand, and others that just presented themselves. Eventually I will have all the paths lined with stones from the property. I honor all that is present here, and encourage you to take time and listen for those willing to speak to you when you are listening!

(graphic by Nathan Bartel)

Enter a portal to your new self!

Gateway portalGateway portalGateway to the woods

Harmony Medicine Wheel is the seat of the Divine Feminine. Following the path through the gateway into the woods will take you to her. This space is a one way portal for spirits to exit into their next step of evolution. Enter the wheel through the east and walk the spiral path (clockwise) to open your energy to your full experience. She can help you let go of anything that no longer serves! Walking out counterclockwise closes your energy to the portal leaving a clear parting with what you have left behind. Completion results.

Summer color!

From there, a walking path follows the creek up to the prairie where the Moon Temple and the Dragonfly Spider Temple and Labyrinth are. A wider driving track leads there too, but can be quite muddy when wet. Take what time you need to commune with the potent and fertile woods!


First Nations People teach us how to learn from plants, animals and even the elements through intentional observation. I invite you to observe and contemplate all you encounter! There are untold and unique lessons for each visitor here. And as you walk this land, you may see signs of those who went before us, living in harmony with Mother Earth.

The Osage Creation Story

The Osage Indians reigned for centuries in this central part of what is now the United States. They were tall and strong people. Their creation story resonated deeply with me when I read it, and I have found evidence of this story on the land.

“When the Children of the Middle Waters, who in their humility called themselves the Little Ones, came down from the stars, they floated down into the red oak tree, and as they alighted they loosened acorns which clattered down among the leaves, bouncing from the limbs and branches. They must have come down singly or in small groups, with the People of the Waters leading. They floated down from the sky with their legs outstretched to the tree tops, and their arms up like the winds of an alighted eagle, since it is this great bird’s landing which they later imitated in the creation dances.”

Mathews, John Joseph. The Osages: Children of the Middle Waters. Norman, Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma Press, 1961, p. 10


“Moonlove,” taken at Harmony Farm, October 31, 2014

Osage AncestorThe Osage people came from the sky, and floated feet first into the Red Oak trees!

One of the many Osage Star People descended into a red oak!

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Suggested donation per visitor: $11

Suggested donation is $11 a person.

Milkweed magic

If you are interested in spending guided time with me and the land, please consider booking a You-tuned Council Walk

Helpful information

Harmony Farm is a place untamed in many ways. The following information is for your safety and well-being, and the well-being of this land.

Warnings/Recommendations (Common Understandings)

Bees (and other warrior insects), ticks, mosquitos, chiggers, wasps and other insects may be present in large and small numbers. If you are allergic proceed at your own risk and with caution. Your wellbeing is your responsibility.

Poison Ivy Every effort is made to keep paths clear of poison ivy. Please stay on paths if you are concerned about it. 

Physical Exertion. The labyrinth walk, from beginning to center and back out again, is over a mile and half with some steep terrain that can be muddy after rain. This length, combined with sun, heat, cold, lightning, and other weather factors, requires a base level of physical fitness. Please honor your limits and take proper precautions or come with necessary assistants. Every attempt is made to keep the main path to the labyrinth well maintained, especially during summer months. However, due to excessive rainfall, wind, or other natural weather, you may need to negotiate obstacles or blockages.

• Proper footgear. Bare feet and casual footwear is not recommended.

Bring sufficient water. There is no potable public water source on site. Please bring your own

Respect others presence. A labyrinth is generally intended to be walked in a contemplative manner. Although absolute silence is not mandatory, please respect the presence and desires of occupants, neighbors, and fellow walkers. Should you arrive as someone is already walking in silence, please honor their experience, as you would in any other place of retreat.

Children and their playful energy are welcome when accompanied by a parent, teacher or guardian who assumes full responsibility for their safety, respect, honoring the paths in the labyrinth, and the intention of this place. Children are a gift to the land, and it can be helpful if the parent/teacher/ guardian gives them an orientation to what this place offers, and helps guide them through it.

Courtesies when coming to visit

•No dogs during communal events please. You may bring them if you are walking the space on your own, but they must be under control at all times.  

Park only in the designated area inside the front gate to the right. Please do not drive up, or block the driveway. The house is off limits unless you are part of a retreat being held on site, or an event sponsored by the proprietor. Enter through the basement door if you are attending a sponsored event.

• Please practice quiet, especially in the labyrinth. 

• Please close any gates you open to pass through.

• Walk only on established paths in the labyrinth. As you pass others, coming or going, please squeeze by each other on paths without stepping on and squashing the plants.

• Pack it in/pack it out.

• Appropriate Offerings to the land may be left along paths and on altars in any of the Medicine Spaces.


Donations are requested to help with the upkeep of this space! 

Location: 20 minutes NW of Lawrence, Kansas


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As above, so below

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Healing Light

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Working with balance

Elements, states and directionsBalancing many traditions