A space in NE Kansas to ground, and fly!

Mission: creating healing balance between masculine and feminine, and between the elements, directions and states of being.

Cultivating Harmony with a Little Melody and Collaborate with the land

Welcome to Harmony Farm

and Dragonfly Labyrinth.

I am glad you are here!

Ghost lodgeGhost lodge

Harmony Farm and I invite you to explore this ancient sea- bed where I have worked with the land to build multiple sacred spaces to honor the ancestors who came before us, and those who follow in our footsteps. These spaces also honor unseen energies and inhabitants of this land. I invite you to open your mind and heart, observing your experience without judgment. Open your imagination and creativity and collaborate with this special place to find your deepest darkness or your inner child in this supportive environment. 

Medicine Wheels are spaces created for offering prayers and listening to the land and All Relations (animals, birds, plants, insects and the elements). The Harmony Medicine Wheel in the woods honors the Divine Feminine, and the Dragonfly Medicine Bow and Labyrinth honors the Divine Masculine. Both spaces are balanced in each energy, but the feminine prevails in the damp wooded area, while the masculine leads on the high prairie.

Heal with the land by walking paths created in forms that facilitate flow, balance and harmony.

Dragonfly Labyrinth Oct. 2016Dragonfly Labyrinth Oct. 2016Google Earth Image

Dance in Her energies

Walking the labyrinth

A maze confuses, confounds, and   disorients. A labyrinth centers, focuses,  grounds, inviting cohesion through inner and outer harmony. Walking in combination with the dual lemniscates (or “infinity signs”) of the Dragonfly, increases balance, focus and well-being.

Labyrinth in winterLabyrinth in winter

Simply follow your instinct when deciding in what order to walk. A labyrinth is walked in a single direction only. By following “the path” it will lead you to the center, just like your life walk! You may choose to “leave something behind” (an old thought form or pattern) on the walk inward, so that you have space to open up to something new in your life on the walk back out. Whatever mind and heart-space you choose, the labyrinth supports your journey towards your center, and your truer self.

It is simple: your presence is your prayer. Any added intention amplifies that prayer.


Lodge moonLodge moon

Enter a portal to your new self!

Gateway portalGateway portalGateway to the woods

Harmony Medicine Wheel is the seat of the Divine Feminine here. Following the path through the gateway into the woods will take you to her. Enter through the east and walk the spiral path (clockwise) to open your energy to your full experience. She can help you let go of anything that no longer serves! Walking out counterclockwise closes your energy to the portal leaving a clear parting with what you have left behind.

Labyrinth bulgeLabyrinth bulge

From there, a walking path follows the creek up to the prairie and the Dragonfly Medicine Bow and Labyrinth (a wider driving track leads there too, but can be quite muddy when wet). Take what time you need to commune with the potent and fertile woods!


First Nations People teach us how to learn from plants, animals and even the elements through intentional observation. I invite you to observe and contemplate all you encounter! There are untold and unique lessons for each visitor here.

Harmonize with all relations

Helpful information

Dragonfly Labyrinth will be available to the public so long as good and kind people act responsibly.

Your visit is a gift to both yourself and the land. I hope you will honor the vision and intention of this sacred place and be here in peace and harmony. Please consider giving back in equal measure whenever you receive something in life. It takes much to maintain this place, and I appreciate your assistance in the Stewardship of this installation.

Harmony Farm is a place untamed in many ways. The following information is for your safety and well-being, and the well-being of this land.

Liability Release (Self-Responsibility)

1. By your presence on this property you agree and hereby release from liability, and to indemnify and hold harmless, the property owners for any and all personal injuries and property losses or damages to your person or property occasioned by or in connection with your visit here.

2. The owners reserve the right to withdraw such permission to be present on this land to any person, at any time, for any reason.

3. All visitors are to obey any rules or guidelines, posted or voiced by the owners. This includes confining one’s visit to the labyrinth and adjacent areas, and to honor the privacy of owners and off-limits areas of the property.

4. Visitors shall be responsible for any damage to property that they might inflict.

5. A separate waiver of liability must be signed for extended stays on the land.

Warnings/Recommendations (Common Sense)

Bees, ticks, mosquitos, chiggers, and other insects may be present in large and small numbers. Those with allergies are to be warned. If you are allergic proceed at your own risk and with caution. Your wellbeing is your responsibility.

Sun. The average walk to, and in the labyrinth can take a minimum of 1 hour. Please protect yourself accordingly.

Physical Exertion. The labyrinth walk, from beginning to center and back out again, is over a mile and half with some steep terrain that can be muddy after rain. This length, combined with sun, heat, cold, lightning, and other weather factors, requires a level of physical fitness. Please honor your limits and take proper precautions.

Wear proper footgear. The woods and prairie grass are not manicured. While the paths are maintained, the terrain can be uneven and muddy, slippery or hard. Bare feet and casual footwear is not recommended.

Bring sufficient water. Currently, there is no potable public water source on site.

Respect others present. A labyrinth is generally intended to be walked in a contemplative manner. Although absolute silence is not mandatory, we do hope you will respect the presence and desires of occupants, neighbors, and fellow walkers. Should you arrive as someone is already walking in silence, please honor their experience, as you would in any other place of retreat.

Children and their playful energy are welcome when accompanied by a parent, teacher or guardian who assumes full responsibility for their safety, respect, honoring the paths in the labyrinth, and the intention of this place. Children are a gift to the land, and it can be helpful if the parent/teacher/ guardian gives them an orientation to what this place offers.

Courtesies when coming to visit

Park only in the designated area inside the front gate to the right. Please do not drive up or block the driveway or disturb occupants. The house is off limits unless you are part of a retreat being held on sight. Enter through the basement door if you are part of a retreat.

• Please practice quiet, especially in the labyrinth. 

• Please close any gates you have to open to pass through.

• Please walk only on mowed paths, and not in-between. As you pass others, coming or going, please squeeze by each other on paths without stepping on and squashing the plants in-between paths in the labyrinth.

Please help keep the grounds clean and be responsible for all trash even picking up after those less responsible than you!

Appropriate Offerings to the land may be left on altars in any of the Medicine Spaces. Please consider making a suggested donation of $20 in the box at the archway entrance to help with the expenses of caretaking.

Feedback and Contact information: 

Paul Rudy



14865 35th St., Perry, KS 66073


Private Sound Healing Sessions are available. Call 785-813-3451 to schedule separately or in tandem with a labyrinth walk!

Location: 20 minutes NW of Lawrence, Kansas

Thank you for being present in this place!

Feel her depth!

The Osage Creation Story

“When the Children of the Middle Waters, who in their humility called themselves the Little Ones, came down from the stars, they floated down into the red oak tree, and as they alighted they loosened acorns which clattered down among the leaves, bouncing from the limbs and branches. They must have come down singly or in small groups, with the People of the Waters leading. They floated down from the sky with their legs outstretched to the tree tops, and their arms up like the winds of an alighted eagle, since it is this great bird’s landing which they later imitated in the creation dances.”

Mathews, John Joseph. The Osages: Children of the Middle Waters. Norman, Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma Press, 1961, p. 10


“Moonlove,” taken at Harmony Farm, October 31, 2014

Osage AncestorThe Osage people came from the sky, and floated feet first into the Red Oak trees! One of the many Osage Star People descended into a red oak!

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Working with balance

Elements, states and directionsBalancing many traditions