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"Sound is the medicine of the future." Edgar Cayce

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YouTuned Council Walks

Nearly everyone that comes to Harmony Farm, finds the land actively and passively mirroring aspects of themselves for deeper contemplation and integration. "YouTuned Council Walks" start with a sound attunement in my sound healing room, followed by a walkabout on the land, and then a debriefing which may also include more integrative sound, movement or other body integration. The sound attunement puts you in touch with, and harmony with the land to receive messages. The walk gives you personal time to explore messages you have received, and then we can follow up after your walk on anything that needs attention. Each session is individualized and may include some guiding on the walk component, and council fire for holding space. Your guides and mine will collude with the land to attune the entire experience directly to you. Please visit my Harmony Farm Site for more information on sacred space of this land.

Duration: 2 1/2-4 hours

Reciprocation: $250

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Sound Immersion Sessions

I am highly trained in music (MM and DMA in Music Composition) and have had training in Reiki and Qigong practice as well. My recent research and personal practice in has expanded from composition, to include meditation and journeying through sound. You can read my recent research on Holistic Listening and on the power of sound in Subtle Energies Magazine here, and hereSound is powerful because it moves energy physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. I offer intuitive sessions either in person, or remote guided by your intention, and flow from there. It works in a really simple way: you just sit or lie comfortably and open to the energy that is generated specifically for you, and receive what comes through. That's it! 

To book a session (60-90 minutes)

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$100 individual

$150 couple


Sound HealingThe tricks of my trade

Sound Immersion CD's and Tracks

Kinan: "Solar wind" by Heidi Svoboda (planetary gongs) and Paul Rudy (sounds) 

A Meditative Sound Journey for balancing the elements.


Kuxan Suum: "Road to the Sky"

A CD about healing and reconciliation


Midnight Plumage

A Winter, Solstice, Advent Sound Moon Meditation


Andy Claypool, Owner and Massage Therapist at Shinto Rose

"Had my first Sound Healing session with Paul Rudy yesterday, incredible. I knew it would be great, I knew it would be healing, I knew it would be Paul Rudy at his finest. What I failed to realize and what the experience taught me was that it was also and ACTUALLY me! Through Paul's playful genius and intuitive guidance I became a receptive sound sponge. Every cell in my body gently unruffled and unfurled to harmonize with a galaxy of sound vibrations and tones that took me on a journey out of what now seemed like a 2 dimensional human experience and into a multi-sensory symphony of my awakened being. And that's an understatement. Deeply harmonizing and gently expansive and big. I felt safe. I felt alive. I felt turned on and tuned into my capacity to exist in a world of ME. Thank you Paul. (low bow) AND thank you ME!"

Jessica Crockett, Owner, Energetic Practitioner, Massage at Merkaba Wellness Center and Spa.

"What a sound healing from Paul Rudy feels like. I've never experienced a sound healing before. Wings flying, water flowing, gongs gonging, major visuals, throat chanting. I got up and felt like I just received a massage or Reiki. I highly suggest this to everyone."

YouTuned Council Walk 

 Immersion Sessions