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You-Tuned Council Walks

Nearly everyone that comes to Harmony Farm finds the land actively and passively mirroring aspects of themselves for deeper contemplation and integration. "YouTuned Council Walks" start with a sound attunement in my sound healing room (45-60 minutes), followed by a meditation on the land with any or all of the ceremonial spaces (1-2 hours), and then a debriefing which may also include more integrative sound, movement or other body integration (30-60 minutes). The sound attunement puts you in touch and harmony with the land to receive what She has to offer. The walk gives you personal time to explore whatever has come up for you in the sound session. The land meditation is follow up with consultation on anything that has come up for you that needs attention. Each session is individualized and may include some guiding on the walk component, and council fire for holding space (especially in Winter). Your guides and mine will collude with the land to attune the entire experience directly to you. Please visit my Harmony Farm site for more information on sacred space of this land where You-tuned Council Walks are held. To schedule a Council Walk, please call 785-813-3451.

Duration: 2 1/2-4 hours

Reciprocation: $250 (sliding scale)

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Sound Healing Sessions

I am highly trained in music (MM and DMA in Music Composition) and have had training in Reiki and Qigong practice as well. My recent research and personal practice in has expanded from composition, to include meditation and journeying through sound. You can read my recent research on Holistic Listening and on the power of sound in Subtle Energies Magazine here, and hereSound is powerful because it moves energy physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. I offer intuitive sessions either in person, or remote, guided by your intention, and flow from there. It works in a really simple way: you just sit or lie comfortably and open to the energy that is generated specifically for you, and receive what comes through. That's it! 

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Sound Healing LightThe tricks of my trade

"Sound is the medicine of the future." Edgar Cayce

Sound Immersion CD's and Tracks

2012 Stories is an epic CD series focusing on my journey of personal transformation in a time of amazing planetary change.

In lake'ch: I am another yourself.

2012 Stories CD No. 1

2007, 58'

Meet yourself in everyone else you encounter.

1) Prologue: The Pangaea

2) & the hole gazed back...

3) Carnivorous plants

4) Orange dust: ancient chemical knowledge

5) Pandemic

6) A slightly shimmering heap

7) Interlude: House of air, Interiors 

8) A quailing prairie

9) Veiled dead zones

10) Hidden catalyst

11) Slick green stones

12) Epilogue: Larger than home

13) ...a terminus of blue 

Composed during a residency generously supported by the Wurlitzer Foundation, Taos, NM

In lake’ch (Mayan for “i am another yourself”) is a 13 movement work about the is about human evolution from a base existence of materialism toward a higher horizon of spiritualism nurtured by resonant light. It is about peace and optimism... It asks each of us to look evaluate our relationships with the earth...ourselves...each other...while gazing out to a far beyond...a creation story: not the ones gone by, but rather the one of our bright and potent unfolding of an intelligence far beyond our ancient cosmology. It is music about the coming-of-age of our planet and a growing consciousness that resonates inward to our own individual alignment with enlightenment and outwards toward a universe where all connects...bathed in higher energy...nourished by harmonic convergence. It is a personal oscillation through omniscient reverberation...

The movement titles are from the poetry of Nathan Bartel and a manuscript called The Pangaea, where my inspiration first began. Nine poems titled “The Interior” (or perhaps one in 9 segments), knitted by Mayan numerology, provoked my imagination to roam and race: hearing words, and seeing sounds. These sounds, analogous to the texts, traverse a distance from recognized and obvious to eclipsed: engaged for their beauty or emotional content, or for their cellular sonic imprint...their spatial, spiritual resonance. Transformation of sounds encourages an excursion into the hinterlands of each individual imagination that chooses to travel here. There is no attempt to fuse a narrative, but rather to create a space where each listener can trek at will and pursue the pathways of their own instinct perhaps even bumping into another yourself along the way.

Special thanks to Nathan Bartel for beautiful, immense poetry; to Francis Dhomont, Bernard Parmegiani and Michele Chion for their profound and poetic music (given homage here), to Gary Dibenedetto for source material from his sound sculpture and to Marjorie Sa’adda for helping breath life into the first and last movements. Very special thanks to Michael Knight and the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation without whose generosity and vision this work would never have been born!

for JM, CY & ZL


Kuxan suum “Road to the sky”

2012 Stories No. 2

Music about healing and reconciliation

2008, 54'

Commissioned by IMEB, Bourges, France

Part 1 (20’)

1) A grammar of harmony

2) Verdun

3) The invisible island

4) Tikkun Olam

Part 2 (12’)

5) Sand Creek 

6) Nij Dhar

7) The golden alphabet

Part 3 (23’)

8) Miracles fell like drops of healing rain

9) Ancestral blue

10) A Road to Awe

11) The inner cosmos                                                                          

Kuxan suum, Mayan for “Road to the sky,” is about healing and reconciliation, and follows In lake’ch as the second in a series of CDs focusing on spirituality and transformation. Each of the 11 movements has a different lens through which it looks at the healing imperative at a time and place where our thoughts, and their resulting actions, have brought us to the brink of our own extinction. And yet, there are hopeful signs of transforming the limitations of our logic, which somehow seeks to reassure even as it destroys us. Ours is the plight of spirituality. The solution: a steerage that takes us a few degrees off course into new territory not subject to the laws that govern us from the past: laws and limitations that we have self-created. Physics, mathematics, psychology, neurology, music, metaphysics (to name just a few disciplines), all point towards a similar notion: that our existence is a creation of our own minds, and that minds cast adrift without spiritual moorage run aground on the devices of their own creation.

I cannot help but think it is time for us to forget our history: the past that binds us to repeating the same mistakes in the mirage of a dry desert. Perhaps a new grammar of harmony can free us to forget the Verduns of our past and avert their re-enactments. The invisible island...that is the circular pattern of life and energy…of the family of light...knows without being taught, Tikkun olam, or “repairing the earth.” The Cheyenne and Arapaho have done this at the Sand Creek and Washita Massacre sites. Their healing runs restoring not only the health of the land, but cultivating cultural and social healing: an invitation to examine how we interact with others in past and present. Perhaps in this music, a Nij Dhar of sorts...a vibration between our universal creator energy and our seeker, we may find a golden alphabet…a life language of love and compassion...of care and consideration...of peace and tranquility and of transcendent energy and harmony in the unity of all things.

Looking back upon this time our children’s children will know that we lived in a time when miracles fell from the sky like drops of healing rain: lessons that our follies are easily fixed, our path easily corrected. Many teachers among us already show the way to an ancestral blue, a blue that once knew the oneness of our universe and yearns to be returned. The road to awe leads not to the sky...nor a heaven out there, but to our own inner cosmos, where everything, including ourselves is made, and where our spirit knows the tools of it’s own restoration. Now is the time to quiet our ways, look inward and create healing and love, and watch the results as the earth and its inhabitants shift and blossom before our very eyes.

Special Thanks to:

The Cheyenne Singers for Jesus he’ama tsehoo’éstse (from Tsese-Ma’heone-Nemeototse: Cheyenne Spiritual Songs), Gretchen Krivoshia for the didjeridu recordings, JoDee Davis for the trombone samples and Gao Renyang for the dizi sounds and to everyone at IMEB in Bourges, France, who were most gracious with their assistance and use of their studios.

Kuxan suum was commissioned by, and realized in the studios of the Institute International de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges, with the exception of movement 2, Verdun which was commissioned by the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO.

For JD, JY and JPPO whose brotherhood has inspired me for many years.


Zuvuya: The Circle of Life

2012 Stories No. 3

2008, 64'

1) Prana

2) Electron clouds: dancing in purple dream rain

3) Probability gap: windowless frame

4) Secret chronicles of time

5) Oak knowledge

6) Yaxkin: Sourceless Source

7) Encomium’s halo

8) Doorways in space: Infinity

9) Frameless window: possibility span

10) Dimension dances: quantum foam

11) Qi

Commissioned by CMAS, Morelia, Mexico

Zuvuya, Mayan which literally means “circuit by which all things return to themselves,” is the third CD in a series on spirituality and human transformation. These tracks explore the connectedness of all things and the circular pattern around which life oscillates. The structure and expression here is inspired by my young yoga practice and the exploration of breath and energy internally and externally. Prana…a physical portal into the Dimension dances of our smallest particles from Electron clouds to quantum foam…sparks more dancing in purple dream rain-a spiritual engaging of body, mind and spirit into Qi where physical matter transforms into energy. As humans come closer to the brink of disaster while at the same time begin to evolve beyond the thought patterns that create this disaster, Probability gaps give way to possibility spans and empty windowless frames transform to Frameless windows revealing vistas unbound by physical limitations. Secret chronicles of time hint towards infinity where doorways in space (and time) spiral around each other. All points from Oak knowledge—wisdom lost but not forgotten—to Encomium’s halo of light and thought energy, lead to and from, in and out of, and circle around a center of Yaxkin: a source-less source and place of renewal…a beginning and an ending…a timeless space of life and death…renewal and rest…age and youth…the here and now and the circle is complete.

Zuvuya was commissioned by the Centro de Musica Mexicana e Arte Sonora, and composed there in the spring of 2009. Special thanks to Rodrigo Sigal and the staff at CMMAS; to Jen and Chris at Boulevard Yoga and Healing Arts in Kansas City, for their amazing prayer bowl; to April Watson for the “elevator walk” in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art; to Joaquin for having so much fun in the tub; to Bob for snoring so perfectly and Charliegh for playing tug with the tape running; to Kim and Michele for helping me stay connected during my time away from home; to Javier Ballestros for the beautiful ocarina used in track 9, and all the wonderful street musicians in Morelia and Mexico City.

Zuvuya is dedicated to my mother Ruth and father Carl, and my brother Jon and Sister Evelyn who have been with me in this circle of life from the get go, and to their spouses Carolyn and Tracy and Children Solomon, David, Spencer and Jackie who have expanded the circle beyond measure.


Sian ka'an: Place where the sky is born

2012 Stories CD no. 4

2009, 57

Water is life

1   Lightless chasm: seeing through night

2  Star throwers

3   Lapping light: a pink wash

4  Tidal hurl

5   Density peaks

6  Sun’s soliloquy

7   Cutting clouds for the sky

8   Horizon’s dance

9   Transformed canopy

Composed during a residency generously supported by the Wurlitzer Foundation, Taos, NM

Sian ka’an (Mayan for “Place where the sky is born”) is the fourth CD in a series called 2012 Stories. The Sian ka’an Bioreserve in Mexico is a special place of great beauty where glassy waters and sky are inseparable, except for thin slivers of land. A feedback loop of moisture, circulating around these narrow slivers, reflects the transient nature of our life on this planet. The finiteness of physicality becomes palpable, as the scale of what is beneath and above reflects an unlimited field of infinite potential. A lightless chasm where motion and energy exist in a broiling turbulence, sets a stage for star throwers, both ancient and modern, who hurl matter into a dark void, opening up other dimensions…filling the sky with the stuff of imagination. Lapping light manifests, inseparable water and sky, a pink wash. Energy ripples from water to sky and back as tidal hurl continues launching and feeds life in the chasm, fomenting density peaks. As energy births matter and matter looses spirit, a sun rises over a proliferation of diverse life. Creation sings a sun’s soliloquy as the heat and energy from this transmitter, our mediator to a galactic core, feeds and tunes our existence. Growth expressed in texture, cutting clouds for the sky, as moisture rises and falls in an oscillation of horizon’s dance: energy teetering on a brink of tipping…a delicate balance that humans seem to have lost but not forgotten. A transformed canopy hovers above life to teach…to remember…to learn and to remind of corroboration in the great circle of life and energy, as we find our role, our contribution, and re-learn life in sustainable balance, and the sky of our future is born unto our present of unlimited potentiality.

Special thanks to The Helen Wurlitzer Foundation in Taos New Mexico for the space and time to create Sian ka’an and to Marion Henderson and Jim Lengerich for their healing and teaching. Thanks to Santino Bermudez for the shop sounds at the Rickard Studio in Toas, and to Laurent Guerin for his May Morning Dew on the bagpipes; to Pat Conway for the gamelan sounds, and to the canaries of Morelia, Mexico.


Cannac: there is nothing without spirit

2012 Stories CD no. 5
2010, 60

Track List

1) Earth’s umbilical: Yoda tree

2) Imagination games: “the cow jumped over the moon”

3) Messenger particles: peculiar gravity

4) Silent witness

5) Primary intelligence

6) Infinite horizon

7) 10,000 fire flies

Composed at the American Academy of Rome, while on the Elliot Carter Rome Prize Fellowship

Cannac “There is no form without spirit” explores energies behind the easily observable 3rd Dimension. Humans have many ways of describing these energies: the 7 directions (Native American)…the Seven Hermetic Principles…the 7 chakras (Vedic)…7 spiritual laws of success (Deepak Chopra)…all ephemeral labels for diverse experiences with unseen forces interacting with the forms that we perceive our world and ourselves to be. These energy or “spirit” dimensions connect us to a matrix of energy and the many layers of transient life.

Earth’s umbilical: Yoda Tree grounds us in the animated living library of Mother Earth: a trailhead to a Universe of pure potential and abundance as a tree drinks from both ground and sky. In a domain of infinite energy, giving and receiving is a volley on the field of Imagination games without winners or losers. “As the cow jumped over the moon,” coyote coaxes out the inner child while the cat plays a fiddle and the dish runs away with a spoon. Messenger particles have a peculiar gravity as electrons provide direct access for spirit into the physical world. Reverberations of karmic energy blossoms return in like kind, as ripples in water reach the banks and spiral back towards their kinetic origin. The Sun exhibits symbiotic balance of form and energy: a silent witness of mass into light… a symbol of the unlimited expanse of heart-space in each of us. Nature’s intelligence flows with effortless ease, and follows the path of least resistance: ancient wisdom, remembered, illuminates possibilities opening before us. “Primary intelligence” is the instruction manual for the mechanics of fulfillment inherent in every intention and desire! Speaking becomes an Infinite horizon of organizing power and the peace of listening floats on observing without judgment in both dreamtime and wake-time. A yin-yang oscillation of creation multiplies fractally in and out, up and down, over and through and our walk through life is balanced. 10,000 fireflies illuminate the switchbacks on the trail to our special purpose and hearts desire. Personal truth and individual talent proliferates in life-giving harmony with form and spirit inseparable.

Thanks to Karen and Joaquine Gingerich, Dusty and Wendy Stewert, Jack, John, JD, Linda Drumheller  and Gayle Barklie, Fausto Sebastiani, Wilard and Cecilia, Lisa Schamberg and the gang at Steve’s cabin, Ross Barrable, Valerie Solheim, Jack and Judy Stucky, Kim Wolhuter, Henry McFerron, Case Brown and Aparna Keshaviah, Andrea Clearfield, Toby Evans,The American Academy in Rome, and all the folks at Grrr Jamming Squeak in Rotterdam where the live components of Cannac were recorded. Grrr is a public artwork by Paola Pivi commissioned by Sculpture International Rotterdam, with recordings of animals provided by The Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York


Kinan “Solar winds”

2012 Stories No. 6

Paul Rudy Composer with Heidi Svoboda, Planetary Gongs

Track List:

1) Thunder: Silence of Creation

2) Wind: Illuminating Shadow

3) Fire: Passionate Fruit

4) Earth: Infinite Womb

5) Lake: Healing Mirrors

6) Heaven: Pleiadian Keys

 7) Water: Eternal Counterpoint

8) Mountain: Living Library

A Meditative Sound Journey for balancing the elements.

2012, 54

Kinan  (Mayan for “Solar wind”) moves through the eight elements of the I Ching. Within the I Ching’s philosophy it is believed that the elements apparent in the natural world are alive within the constructs of the human design.  Kinan tunes in to the transformational energy of each element and gives them life through sound. The Thunderous silence of creation breaks us open, shaking us into a world of sound and movement: ideas become vibration. Wind blows in new energy of change, clearing away old patterns that no longer serve us, illuminating shadow within the soul.  Fire burns and dissolves all obstacles in its way, in an alchemical change starting in the heart, and we are led up the path to the passionate fruit of our own essence.  Mother Earth grounds us as we root down to deepen our passion and explore our purified essence.  Inside the Earth’s infinite womb we find the nourishment to grow strong and bright. Lake brings joy as new vistas of our soul journey are reflected back to us through its healing mirrors. And finally, we reached Heaven, receive the Pleiadian keys to the cosmos, whose doorways show us the oneness with all people, places, and things. Water teaches us to flow with ease in life’s beautiful synchronicities. We learn to follow the path of least resistance in the dance of eternal counterpoint: playing, swirling, spinning, and splashing with grace. And finally, Mountain leads us home within our bodies, minds and spirit teaching us to stand strong in who we are and honor the inner wisdom of our own living library. Throughout life, we may find ourselves at any point in the endless cycle of ascension, playing in the lessons of each element.


Larry Porter, Master of Music

"His soundscapes set the stage for consciousness and a super consciousness which goes beyond our present day knowledge of Harmony, Melody and Rhythm. He expresses fundamental sounds which reach beyond our basic tonal possibilities."

"Tone is no longer treated as a pitch from a seven note scale within an octave. It is treated as an indigenous sound...a part of our being whether it be drums cymbals, rattles, car horns and sirens. It is a tone produced for the excitement and the stimulation of the primitive subconscious. Combining many sounds and tones of this origin produces a different effect and creates a subliminal consciousness which we later find as a part of our true being...a way to arrive at who we truly are, beyond the empty everyday modern world."

"For Rhythm, what seems to be random accessory sounds are suddenly realized in a context of meaningfulness and thought structure. This keys and triggers to the soul; finding  eclectic sonorities all within an architectural framework....a framework representing universality and an eternal existence."

"Dr. Rudy's sound healing sessions take one to another world of relaxation; a super consciousness which expresses and supports that which is basic to us, without dependency on Western harmonies and thought. Through bowls, cymbols, gong's and many sound instruments Dr. Rudy is able to probe into the subconscious eternal self. One will transform out of these sessions extremely relaxed with a new birth given for what is valued in life."

Andy Claypool, Owner and Massage Therapist at Shinto Rose

"Had my first Sound Healing session with Paul Rudy yesterday, incredible. I knew it would be great, I knew it would be healing, I knew it would be Paul Rudy at his finest. What I failed to realize and what the experience taught me was that it was also and ACTUALLY me! Through Paul's playful genius and intuitive guidance I became a receptive sound sponge. Every cell in my body gently unruffled and unfurled to harmonize with a galaxy of sound vibrations and tones that took me on a journey out of what now seemed like a 2 dimensional human experience and into a multi-sensory symphony of my awakened being. And that's an understatement. Deeply harmonizing and gently expansive and big. I felt safe. I felt alive. I felt turned on and tuned into my capacity to exist in a world of ME. Thank you Paul. (low bow) AND thank you ME!"

Jessica Crockett, Owner, Energetic Practitioner, Massage at Merkaba Wellness Center and Spa.

"What a sound healing from Paul Rudy feels like. I've never experienced a sound healing before. Wings flying, water flowing, gongs gonging, major visuals, throat chanting. I got up and felt like I just received a massage or Reiki. I highly suggest this to everyone."


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 Sound Healing Sessions

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