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"Sound is the medicine of the future." Edgar Cayce

Sound is powerful because it moves energy physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. I offer intuitive sessions either in person, or remote. Sessions are guided by an initial consolation (either in person, or over the phone) and flow from there. It works in a really simple way: you just sit or lie comfortably and open to the energy that is generated specifically for you, and receive what comes through. That's it! 

            1403 Mass. Ave., Lawrence, Kansas

Treatments* with Dr. Rudy** (limited availability) with Shinto Rose
30 minute sound immersion $60 $30
60 minute sound immersion $90 $60
90 minute sound immersion $125 $90
20 minute post massage sound integration NA? $25
30 minute post massage sound integration NA? $35
60 minute post massage sound integration NA? $65

*Sound is delivered through high fidelity headphones while comfortably laying on a massage table

**Additional sound, reiki and shamanic elements added during session

@ Harmony Farm with Dr. Paul Rudy

60-90 minutes either in person at Harmony Farm, or remote

14585 35th St. Perry, KS 66073

Remotes sessions begin with a phone consultation and take place either following, or at another time agreed upon)

To book: Call 785-813-3451 or email

Cost $100

$135 with customized recording of your session (via digital download), for your continued use.


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Sound Healing CD's and Tracks

Kinan: "Solar wind" by Heidi Svoboda (planetary gongs) and Paul Rudy (sounds) 

A Healing Meditation Sound Journey for balancing the elements.


Kuxan Suum: "Road to the Sky"

A CD about healing and reconciliation


Midnight Plumage

A Winter, Solstice, Advent Sound Healing Meditation



Andy Claypool, Owner and Massage Therapist at Shinto Rose

"Had my first Sound Healing session with Paul Rudy yesterday, incredible. I knew it would be great, I knew it would be healing, I knew it would be Paul Rudy at his finest. What I failed to realize and what the experience taught me was that it was also and ACTUALLY me! Through Paul's playful genius and intuitive guidance I became a receptive sound sponge. Every cell in my body gently unruffled and unfurled to harmonize with a galaxy of sound vibrations and tones that took me on a journey out of what now seemed like a 2 dimensional human experience and into a multi-sensory symphony of my awakened being. And that's an understatement. Deeply harmonizing and gently expansive and big. I felt safe. I felt alive. I felt turn on and tuned into my capacity to exist in a world of ME. Thank you Paul. (low bow) AND thank you ME!"