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"I love your CD--very powerful--close your eyes and it is as if the the Universe were being created one sound at a time." GRETCHEN KRIVOSHIA

"It's like a lifetime compressed into an hour." MICHAEL KNIGHT

"Paul makes incredibly beautiful music from musical tones and environmental sounds of widely varying recgonizability." KYLE GANN

2012 Stories CD (2007-2012)

“There were times when the whole space was impregnated with a soaring, upsweep of sounds. And other times when I felt like I was six years old, in bed, listening to the bugs outside my window. I realize I don't hear that anymore. I found it very moving--sad and entrancing-- too.” APRIL WATSON, ASSOCIATE CURATOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, NELSON-ATKINS MUSEUM OF ART

Seasonal Moon Meditations without words

Midnight Plumage


Deep Vision

Equinox & Spring







Solstice & Summer

Coming the summer

Equinox and Fall

Coming this Fall


"I love that it goes deep, I love how it surprises me, and when I let myself float on it it's a beautiful journey, and there's nothing 'unsafe' about it. TRACY RASMUSEN

"I am loving your CD's so much! I hear different things in them each time I listen. They activate my creativity and change my consciousness in such unique ways. The sound is full of light but with an edge of mystery and darkness. SARAH BETH MILCAREK

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