Music from the "Sage" and "High Priest of Sound"

"I love your CD--very powerful--close your eyes and it is as if the the Universe were being created one sound at a time." GRETCHEN KRIVOSHIA

"It's like a lifetime compressed into an hour." MICHAEL KNIGHT

"Paul makes incredibly beautiful music from musical tones and environmental sounds of widely varying recgonizability." KYLE GANN

2012 Stories CD (2007-2012)

“There were times when the whole space was impregnated with a soaring, upsweep of sounds. And other times when I felt like I was six years old, in bed, listening to the bugs outside my window. I realize I don't hear that anymore. I found it very moving--sad and entrancing-- too.” APRIL WATSON, ASSOCIATE CURATOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, NELSON-ATKINS MUSEUM OF ART

In lake'ch "I am another yourself"2012 Stories CD No. 1 Composed at the Wurlitzer Foundation, Taos, NM in 2007, 58' Meet yourself in everyone else you encounter. 2012 Stories Vol. 1


Kuxan suum "Road to the sky"2012 Stories CD No. 2 Composed in 2008, 54' Commissioned by IMEB, Bourges, France Music about healing and reconciliation 2012 Stories Vol. 2


Zuvuya "Circle of life"2012 Stories CD No. 3 Commissioned and composed at CMAS, Morelia, Mexico 2008, 64' 2012 Stories Vol. 3


Sian ka'an "Place where the sky is born"2012 Stories CD No. 4 Composed during a residency generously supported by the Wurlitzer Foundation, Taos, NM, 2009, 57' Water is life 2012 Stories Vol. 4

Cannac "There is no form without spirit"2012 Stories CD No. 5 Composed in 2011 at the American Academy of Rome, while on the Elliot Carter Rome Prize Fellowship, 60' 2012 Stories Vol. 5

Kinan "Solar winds"2012 Stories CD No. 6 Paul Rudy Composer/Performer with Heidi Svoboda, Planetary Gongs A Meditative Sound Journey for balancing the elements. 2012, 54’ 2012 Stories Vol. 6

Stream 2012 Stories

"I love that it goes deep, I love how it surprises me, and when I let myself float on it it's a beautiful journey, and there's nothing 'unsafe' about it. TRACY RASMUSEN


JoDee Davis, Voices of Air

Winner Takes All

Jack Sutte, Fanfare Alone

Awaken!: JoDee Davis, Trombone Thema: Omaggio: EMS Prize, Stockholm, Sweden Jacked!: Jack Sutte Trumpet

Music of SEAMUS Vol. 14

Music of SEAMUS Vol. 18


Thema: Omaggio:
Society of Electroacoustic Music in the US
Vastly Shrinking Space, Madeleine Shapiro, Cello: Society of Electroacoustic Music in the US Sun's Soliloquy from Sian Ka'an: Electronic Music Midwest

Iracima Andrada electro-acústico

SCI Inspirations

EA Music from the UMKC IMPACT Center

Vastly Shrinking Space: 
Iracima Andrade, Cello
And every island and mountain were moved from their place: Jack Sutte Trumpet Degrees of Separation: Nathan Davis, Cactus

Wet Sounds

Craig Hultgren, Electroacoustic Cello Book

Carnivorous Plants from In lake’ch Parallax 2 "Apparitions": Craig Hultgren, Cello

"I am loving your CD's so much! I hear different things in them each time I listen. They activate my creativity and change my consciousness in such unique ways. The sound is full of light but with an edge of mystery and darkness. SARAH BETH MILCAREK

Anomalous Sites Photographs

Nature Photographs


Sound Healing Sessions

Composition Lessons