Giving the Wind Voice!

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Live-Streaming the Land: Deep Listening for Global Harmony

Harmony Harp is located on Harmony Farm in Northeast Kansas on 70 acres at the Western edge of the mid-continent woodlands. The Harp has nine strings that vibrate in the wind, giving a unique voice to that wind in each moment. It’s sound is varied, and one amongst the many other voices on the property, from animals, to birds and trees, to rain and thunder. Silence is also part of its voice on calm days. 

Harmony HarpGiving the wind a voice

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Broadcasting Harmony Farm to the World! Harp with solar powered wifi transmitter.

Wifi Transmitter by Jon Rudy

Solar powered wifi transmitter by Jon Rudy


Jonathan Rudy

Peacemaker-in-Residence at Elizabethtown College. ([email protected]) and PeaceBuildingGlobal Consulting

Paul Rudy

Curators’ Distinguished Professor and Coordinator of Composition at The University of Missouri at Kansas City ([email protected])

Wind Harp by Ross Barrable of Soundscapes International

End of transmission...

On June 9, 2019, the wifi transmitter was dismantled and the live-streaming of the harp ceased. You may listen to a recording of the harp linked above, or come in person on a windy day to hear it. Celebrations occur at Harmony Farm around every solstice and equinox. Please visit the Harmony Farm web site for information about visiting. 

End of transition...

Disassembling the wifi transmitter
June 9, 2019