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Temple ComplexSpider Dragonfly Labyrinth Temple

Fractal Video by Brenda Molloy, Music by Paul Rudy

Snapshot by the Sea (8/8/19) Breathe, My Love (8/30/19)
Snapshot at the SeaBrenda Molloy Video, Paul Rudy Music BreatheBrenda Molloy, Video Paul Rudy, Music


Terminal (2018)

| Drama, Mystery | 2018 (USA)

A merciless district attorney, sentenced to death, meets a desperate young woman on the run from the law who changes everything.

Director: Stephen Wallace Pruitt

Writers: Mary Settle Pruitt (co-writer), Stephen Wallace Pruitt (co-writer) 

Stars: Joicie AppellTurner BaiettoSunny Blue |See full cast & crew 

Music: Paul Rudy

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#Onedaycollaboration & #snapcollab and #quantumqollaboration #Q2 with Lisa Marie Evans

Swaying tantrums, May 3, 2018

Paul (audio title: Tantrums): Sometimes the only way for me to really process and move on from something, is to compose about it!
Lisa Marie (video title: She Sways): Movement, flexibility, changing with the changes, flow, mindfulness, step by step...

Attunement: Flames that light, April 18, 2018

I watched Radio Free Abelmuth, and the next day awoke with a head swimming in energy and strange dreams that I was being attuned by aliens. This is not an uncommon experience for me, so I decided to create about it. When Lisa Marie Evans showed me her finished product with my music, it was as if we were both being attuned by the same aliens! The only thing we discussed ahead of time was how long the piece would be. Everything else was synchronous quantum qollaboration (q2).


She blooms in the eye of the storm, March 29, 2018

I'm sitting in the busy cafeteria at Denison University while on a residency. I create in this business and we put it together! #quantumqollaboration

Are all your ducks in a row, Solar Plex-her? March 20, 2018

Are all your ducks in a row, Solar-Plex her

A one day quantum collaboration with Paul Rudy. We tune in from remote location and tap into a "field" to create, Paul with music and myself with animation. We set a specific time frame for the work. When we each finish our piece, Paul sends his audio over and I drop it into my video.
Together, each individual piece can create something new together...and then again new with the viewer...
No post production adjustments in timing were made. Paul titled his piece Are all your ducks in a row? ... while mine was titled, Solar Plex-her. And there we go.


Springing Up, New Growth: Plant the Seeds and Watch Them Grow, March 14, 2018

A one day quantum collaboration with Paul Rudy. We tuned in from remote locations at the same time today to create, Paul with music and myself with animation. When we each finished our piece, Paul sent his audio over and I dropped it into my video. 

Together, each individual piece can create something new together...and then again new with the viewer...

No post production adjustments in timing were made. I titled my animation, Plant the Seeds and Watch Them Grow... and then I received Paul's audio titled, Springing Up, New Growth. So there you have it.


Allowing and reclaiming self, March 9

Allowing and Reclaiming Self

Created in a day by forging a mutual "field" between artists to connect in non-local time and space. "Getting rid of old stuff clears out space for allowing the new to effortlessly flow in," Paul Rudy.
"Sometimes we must go back and reclaim the pieces of ourselves we lost along the way. Sometimes we don’t," Lisa Marie Evans 
#onedaycollaboration #quantumqollaboration


Move through it, March 8, 2018

Move through it video

“No matter how dark the night, or long the winter, morning always comes followed closely by spring,” Paul Rudy
"Just hold on, this may hurt but it's gonna be alright," Lisa Marie Evans

Quantum Collaboration indeed:
Music by Paul Rudy
Animation by Lisa Marie Evans


Reach, March 1, 2018


Give beauty, send love.
Animation by Lisa Marie Evans
Music by Paul Rudy


Nebula of Life: Connect, Connecting, Connection, Connected, February 26, 2018

Nebula of Life: Connect, Connecting, Connection, Connected

C-print by Sarah Hearn, Music by Paul Rudy, Animation by Lisa Marie Evans

"I've been exploring new forms of animation and themes of life experience. For this one, I asked Sarah for an image of hers that could work with the theme "connection." She sent me the image below saying, "It’s a black hole surrounded by cosmic dust. We are all made of cosmic dust. If that's not connection, I don't know what is?" Which was perfect because I've worked with this notion before in a similar fashion." 

"I uploaded looping animation to instagram (@lisamariefilm) where Paul saw the animation and felt drawn to make sound for it. He created a 2-minute piece of music. Because the original animation was only 10 seconds, this challenged me to again create something new to work with his piece." 

"Challenges. I'll tell you what. Keep on creating." Lisa Marie Evans


Surrender, February 22, 2018

"Paul Rudy and I created another #onedaycollaboration today. Make sure to turn on the audio. The synchronicity of the title is rather perfect. Without speaking (and actually never truly meeting), he sent me the audio file titled "Surrender" just as I was thinking of ways to animate themes of surrender and letting go. What you're seeing and hearing was meant to be. And all created within a day. Surrender." Lisa Marie Evans Facebook post, Feburary 22, 2018


Dark Night of the Soul, February 20, 2018

Dark Night of the Soul

"I saw a video on Instragram, with these blinking eyes surrounded by darkness. They were longing and felt trapped, but not defeated. I turned on the sound and there was none. But I heard sound, in my head. So I emailed Lisa Marie Evans to ask if I could make some sound for it. It was like jumping off a collaborative cliff, with no guarantees she would say yes, no promise that anything would come of it, and no safety net other than trusting my own creative instincts. Dark Night of the soul came as our first #onedaycollaboration. And I'm in love with it." Paul Rudy


Breaking the dam part 2: Rising up! (2016)

Gary Abbott, Choreography; Paul Rudy, Music; Rob Love, Poetry

Breaking the dam part 2: Rising up!Gary Abbott, choreography Paul Rudy, music Rob Love, poetry


Immeasurable Heaven (2013-16)

A Collaboration between UMKC Theater and the UMKC Conservatory IMP EnsembleImmeasurable Heaven was the final production for UMKC Theatre’s Epic Project, a three-year devised process in which the audience is immersed in the spectacular journey of one man as he is guided through storms and trials, battling the monsters of our times. This production is by Stephanie Roberts and Ensemble and directed by Stephanie Roberts. It is a collaboration with musicians from the UMKC Conservatory IMP Ensemble, which is under the direction of Dr. Paul Rudy. 

Written and Directed by Stephanie Roberts

IMP Ensemble Direction by Paul Rudy

The three year collaborative process began with improvisation between actors and musicians. The final production was scripted, fully designed and stages. The music, however, was improvised from the beginning, to the very last show!


Art Like Nature (2014), Jefferson County, Kansas

I have followed the daily photographs of Stephen Smith, #OzCafe and #ArtLikeNature, for years. When I moved into the country in Jefferson County, Kansas, I started paying attention to nature more: watching and feeling the annual, seasonal, monthly and daily cycles. His iPhone photography captured that in its essence from the falling down barns to the birds and bees and cows. So when we talked about adding music to a collage of his work, it was a no brainer, and I wrote "We live here" in a short time. 

Music by Paul Rudy iPhone photography by Stephen Smith


Muscles by Marco Raparelli (2011)

MusclesAnimation by Marco Raparelli Sound by Paul Rudy

I don't think this needs any explanation...


Narrative of Idea, video by Peter Rand, (2009) to the music of Interlude: Houses of air, interiors (Track 7 from In Lake'ch)

Narrative of idea

The creation of this video was inspired primarily by Paul Rudy's music piece "Interlude: Houses of Air"; which Mr. Rudy describes as being, "not so much about an idea, but more of a narrative of idea". This video attempts to explore how idea functions, and what it is, in general. Which is to say that this video isn't about anything necessarily, other than an audio/visual interpretation of the process that is intrinsic in idea: This process, being a narrative of sorts, and, in this video, inspired directly by Paul Rudy's music.

Audio: Paul Rudy
Video: Peter Rand, Tirzah DeCaria