Film and Video

Brenda Molloy, Fractal Videography



Complete Trilogy

Video: Transmissions

Music: 10,000 Fireflies II 

TransmissionsPart 1 of Triad

Video: Transmutation

Music: Secret Chronicles of Time II

Video: Transformation

Music: Dimension Dances II

TransformationPart 3 of Triad


"Snapshot at the Sea" 8/8/19 Snapshot at the seaVideo by Brenda Molloy, Music by Paul Rudy

"Breathe, My Love" 8/30/19
BreatheBrenda Molloy, Video Paul Rudy, Music


Lisa Marie Evans Quantum Qollaborations

(2018) music for a short animated films by Lisa Marie Evans in a “#onedaycollaborations” February-March, 2018

Compilation of Quantum Qollaborations from Lisa Marie Evans on Vimeo.

Terminal (IMDB)

(2015) Score for 3 hour full-length feature film by Never2Late Productions, Kansas City


Postcards from the Pony Express

(2014) 20’ "We Live Here" music for video:Images by Stephen Smith and Wind Harp sounds by Ross Barrable.

 Watch: Postcards from the Pony Express (Art Like Nature)



(2011) 30” sound for video Animation by Karen Yasinsky



(2011) 1’ sound for video Animation by Marco Raparelli

Watch on Vimeo


November Sycamore Leaf Video (and music)

 (2006) 9’ 

1st Prize: Sounds Electric ’07 for Music (Dublin, Ireland)

Watch on Vimeo


Music licensed in film

Bone, Water, Fire

(2015) a Film by Jill Sharpe

Occupy Love

(2014) a Film by Velcrow Ripper


Large Ensemble

Arezzo Triptych

  1. Heaven’s Rapture, hell’s bells

  2. Ghost of Arezzo Cathedral

  3. Death’s thin melody too…

(2011/12. Rev. 2015) 20’ in three movements for fixed media and improvising wind ensemble

Commissioned by Joseph Parisi and the UMKC Wind Ensemble

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Event Horizon

(2009) 11’ for wind ensemble

Commissioned by Bethel College, Timothy Shade, Cond.

Premier, Bethel College, Newton, Kansas, April 11, 2010

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Listen to Event Horizon



(2009) 4’30” for wind ensemble and solo jazz alto (for Bobby Watson)

Premier, CBDNA National Conference, UT, Austin, UMKC Wind Symphony, Steve Davis, cond., March 27, 2009

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Larger than Home

(2007) 8’ for wind ensemble

Premier, CBDNA Regional Conference, UMKC Conservatory Wind Symphony, Steve Davis, cond., Februrary 29, 2008

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Symphonie Pastorale

(2000) 16’ 35” large orchestra

Premier: UMKC Conservatory Orchestra, Robert Olson, cond., October, 2000. Selected for the American Composer's Orchestra Whitaker Readings, 2003.


“Out of Crooked Timber…”

(2000) 9’30” accordion orchestra with soloist

Commissioned by Joan Sommers for the UMKC Conservatory Accordion Orchestra

Premier: Int. Association of Accordion Teachers Conference, Chicago, July 2000.

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Portrait: North and South Maroon

(1998) 10’ Wind Ensemble

*Commissioned by Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Premier: Northeastern State University Wind Ensemble, Robert Carnochan, cond., April 30, 1998.

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Shapes of Wind

(1997) 15’ Wind Ensemble

Premier: UMKC Wind Ensemble, December 4, 2001, Sarah McKoin, conductor.

Inquire about score



(1992) 18’ Wind Ensemble

Premier: The University of Colorado Wind Ensemble, Allan McMurray Conductor, September 1, 1994.




(2018) 14’ for Trombone and Piano

Commissioned by the Curators of the University of Missouri, and dedicated to JoDee Davis, Professor of Trombone, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Premier: November 3, 2019, Kansas City

Recording: Forthcoming on Albany Records

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(2018) 12’ for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Pian

Commissioned by Fort Hayes State University New Music Festival

Premier: November 3, 2018, Fort Hayes State University

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(2018) 10" to any duration for any instrumentation in pair

Commissioned for Mnemosyne Ensemble

Premier: September 28, 2018, Kansas City New Media Performance Festival


Postcard Prairie

(2010) 11’ for Soprano, piano, tenor sax and trombone)

Commissioned by Bethel College with text by Nathan Bartel

Premier: April 11, 2010, Bethel College

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Rock Hard

(2008) 7’ for piano and percussion

Commissioned by the Petrella Duo

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For Whom…

(2005) 9’ for Sextet and Electroacoustic Sounds

Commissioned for 8th Blackbird by the 3rd Practice Electroacoustic Music Festival

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Point Royal

(2004) 4’ for Brass Ensemble (3 tpts., 4 hrns, 3 trbns, 2 euph., F tuba, CC tuba, and 1 perc.)

Commissioned by Rita and Irwin Blitt and the UMKC Conservatory of Music

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Improvisations 1-3

(2004) 8’ solo piano

Written for the Van Cliburn Piano Competition Composer Initiative

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(2004) 25’ entertainment in 9 movements for flute and piano

Commissioned the American Composer’s Forum Jerome Composer Commissioning Program for Calliope (Shannon Wettstein and Elizabeth McNutt)

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Scrum, for very mixed quintet

(2002) 9’ for bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, accordion, organ and bagpipes

Commissioned by newEar, Kansas City

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Wood, Wind, Water, Earth

(2001) 12’ dizi, erhu, yangqin, and tape

Commissioned by Meet the Composer for Music From China.

Premier: Merkin Hall, New York, November 17, 2001.


Infamous Quotes

(1999) 8’ brass quintet


Rhapsody for Two

(1998) 6’ violin/viola

*Commissioned by Douglas Beilman and Joanna Hood for the 1998 Chamber Music New Zealand Festival.

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Four Mile Creek

(1997) 6’30” violin, guitar, and vibraphone


String Quartet No. 1

(1994) 20’



(1993) 8’ alto saxophone and woodwind quintet


Colorado Etudes

(1993) 13’ solo piano


les etoiles

(1990) 7’ organ

Premier: RLDS Chapel, Kansas City, Andrew Lang, February 27, 2000.


Quintessential Quartalessence

(1989) 8’ trumpet and piano




(2009) 4’ SATB

Commissioned by Bethel College

Premier: Bethel College, April 2010

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(2003) 7’ SATB

Text by Edward Abbey

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Two Marsden Hartley Songs: Fisherman’s Last Supper and Bach for Breakfast

(2003) 6’ Soprano and Piano

Commissioned by the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

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Instrument plus electroacoustic works

At the phrygid edge of whiteness

(2018) Violin, Cello, and Fixed Media

For Steven Montague's 75 Birthday Celebration with the AURA Ensemble

Premier: University of Houston AURA Ensemble, Rob Smith, Cond., November 16, 2018


Like sails to wind

(2015) Flute, Soprano Sax, and Fixed Media

For Zach and Mary Bassett Shemon

Premier: UMKC Composition Workshop, June 22, 2015 (Zach Shemon and Mary Bassett Shemon)

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Seven Spiritual Laws of Life

(2013) 25’ Guided solo or group meditations for any instruments or voices and fixed media

Commissioned by JoDee Davis

Premier: Kansas City, October 3, 2013

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Martian Chronicles

(2012) 30’ for solo jazz sax, chamber ensemble, fixed media and optional improvisers

Commissioned for Mark Southerland and newEar by Meet the Composer

Premier: Kansas City, March 1, 2013

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Listen to Martian Chronicles


At Rome Around Jovian Moons

(2011) 20’ for viola, fixed media and optional improvisers (Cello version, 2013)

Commissioned by the American Academy in Rome

Premier: American Academy in Rome, April 14, 2011

View Score (Viola)    Purchase PDF (Viola) ($27.50 score and parts)

View Score (Cello)    Purchase PDF (Cello) ($27.50 score and parts)


Roman Tableaux

(2010) 16’ for fixed media and unfixed ensemble

Commissioned by the Scharoun Ensemble

Premier: American Academy in Rome, January 17, 2011

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Listen to Roman Tableaux


Sibling Rivalries

(2008) 10’ bauzouki and electroacoustic sounds

Commissioned by Roger Landes

Premier: newEar Ensemble, Kansas City, November 1, 2008

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Vastly Shrinking Space

(2006) 14’ cello and electroacoustic sounds

Commissioned by newEar and Madeleine Shapiro

Premier, Kansas City, February 4, 2007

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(2000) 13’ erhu and tape

Written for New Music China

Premiered by Music From China at Merkin Hall, New York, Nov. 11, 2000.

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Church Keys

(1999) 10’ piano and tape

Commissioned by the Missouri Music Teachers Association, *Honorable Mention: Shepherd Distinguished Composer Competition, Music Teachers National Association

Premier: Missouri Music Teachers Association, Bolivar, MO, Nov. 12, 1999.

View Score    Purchase PDF ($27.50 score and fixed media download)


Degrees of Separation: Grandchild of Tree

(1999) 10’ amplified cactus, optional live effects, and tape

Premier: Yale University, Nathan Davis, April 15, 1999.

On Wikipedia     Purchase PDF ($20 score and fixed media download)


“....and every island and mountain were moved out of their place...”

(1998) 10’ trumpet, amplified open piano, and tape

Premier: Fringe Festival, Wellington New Zealand, Feb. 26, 1998, David Armstrong, Trumpet.

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Parallax 2 “Apparitions”

(1997) 11’ Fine Lines for cello and tape

Written for Craig Hultgren

Premier: Concert of Premiers, Birmingham Southern College, Sept. 5, 1997, Craig Hultgren, cello.

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Listen to Parallax 2


Parallax 1 “Violin”

(1996) 15’ violin and tape

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Geographic Bells

(1994) 7’ soprano saxophone and tape

Premier: EARS (Electroacoustic Recital Series), The University of Texas at Austin, McCullough Theater, December, 1994.



Four Seasons Meditations

1) Midnight Plumage: Winter/Advent/Solstice (December, 2016) 20'


2) Midnight Plumage: Spring/Vernal Equinox (March, 2017) 20'

3) Midnight Plumage: Summer/Solstice (May, 2017) 20'

4) Midnight Plumage: Fall/Autumnal Equinox (August, 2017) 20'


New Horizon

(2015) 12’ Electroacoustic work with or without additional live instruments

Premier: Electronic Music Midwest Mini-Fest, Missouri Western State University, Feb. 27, 2016.


Sound Meditation Activation

(2015) 6’ 22” Meditation to accompany article “Playing your own perfect instrument” in Evolving Magazine


Sounds of Neptune’s Homecoming

(2012) 60’ Collaboration with Planetary Gong Artist Heidi Svoboda


Kinan Aquarian Stories CD No. 6 (“Solar wind”)

(2011) 8 tracks 54’  Collaboration with Planetary Gong Artist Heidi Svoboda


Lovey Track 11 (Polly Noonan)

(2010) 2’45” remix (Lemonheads) by Corey Loog Brennan and Paul Rudy


Cannac Aquarian Stories CD No. 5 (“There is no form without spirit”

(2010) 7 tracks 60’ stereo electroacoustic work

Composed at The American Academy in Rome


Sian ka’an Aquarian Stories CD No. 4 (“Place where the sky is born”)

(2009) 9 tracks 56’ stereo electroacoustic work

Composed at the Wurlitzer Foundation, Taos New Mexico


Zuvuya Aquarian Stories CD No. 3 (“Circle of Life”)

(2009) 11 tracks, 63’ stereo electroacoustic work

Commissioned by CMMAS (Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonores)


Kuxan suum Aquarian Stories CD No. 2 (“Road to the sky”)

(2008) 11 movements, 54’ stereo electroacoustic work

Premier: Orford, Montreal, August 16, 2008

Commissioned by IMEB, Bourges, France and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art


In Lake’ch Aquarian Stories CD No. 1 (“I am another yourself”)

(2007) 13 movements, 58’ stereo electroacoustic work

Premier, whole  work: Aveiro University, May 25, 2007

Preimier, Suites: City University, London; DeMontfort University, Leicester, UK

Finalist in the 33rd Bourges Electroacoustic Music Competition

The Best Medicine

(2007) 7’30” stereo electroacoustic work

Premier: Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden, May 14, 2007


November Sycamore Leaf

(2005) 9’ stereo electroacoustic work

Premier, Ball State Contemporary Music Festival, Muncie, Indiana, February, 28 2006.

1st Prize: Sounds Electric ’07 (Dublin, Ireland)


Love Song

(2003) 15’30”, stereo electroacoustic work; Text by Edward Abbey

Mention in the 32nd Bourges Electroacoustic Music Competition



Thema: Omaggio

(2002) 9’ tape composition

Winner of the 2002 EMS Prize, Stockholm, Sweden


Boys in the Attic (acousmatic remix)

(2001) 2’ tape

Tribute to Aerosmith.



(1998) 12’ tape alone



(1992)  6’20” taped piece composed at the Aspen Music Festival



Rising Up!

(2016) 16’ Music for “Breaking the Dam” part 2, choreography by Gary Abbott, Poetry by Rob Love.

Premier: Foley Theater, Spring, 2016



(2014) 15’ Music for “Breaking the Dam” part 1, choreography by Gary Abbott.

(2015) 8’ revised and shortened



(2011) 15’ in 3 segments for multi-media dance, Kansas City, Jane Gotch Choreographer

Premier: March, 2011


Are your ears blind? Incidental Music for Theater Work, Baltimore, MD

(2008) 20’


More in Time II

(2001) 14’ dancer activated computer instruments

Commissioned by Williams/Henry Dance Theater Company, Kansas City, MO.

Premier: UMKC Conservatory of Music, May 14, 2001.


More in Time

(2000) 12’ dancer activated computer instruments

written for the Williams/Henry Dance Theater Company, Kansas City, MO.

Premier: Williams/Henry Dance Theater: New Edge, New Millennium Series, GEM Theater, 18th and Vine, Kansas City, MO, May 12, 2000.



(1997) 12’ dance

co-created with Shannon Bradford (choreography)


Water Into Light 

(1995) 50’ incidental music for a play by Wesley Middleton, UT Austin


Dance Suite

(1995) 17’ Four Pieces for Dance from Water into Light incidental music


Trio  for Three

(1995) 16’ for Movement, Sound, and Light (an inter-media contrapuntal work)


Installations and Public Art

Still Time

(2016) Public Art Project, Merriam, Kansas

Artist:  DRAW (Dan Maginn, Jessica Reed Schultz, Jesse Crupper)

Composer and Sound Artist:  Paul Rudy

Fabricator:  Zwei Bäume


A peace of oneness

With Jonathan Rudy. Global Mennonite Peacebuilding Conference and Festival, Conrad Grebel University College, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. June 12, 2016


La Chiena Campagna

(2011) A community oriented site specific sound installation

Campagna, Italy, July, 2011



XLocus (with Jeniffer Scappettone and Agency: Stephen Muller and Ersela Krippa)

(2011) installation of sound, poetry and image

American Academy in Rome, March, 2011


Reliquary (Scott Blasco and Paul Rudy)

(2010) Interactive installation for “Meet the Robot”

UMKC Friends of the Library, May-August, 2010


Sound Escapes

(August 8, 2008)

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

20 minutes of music with two improvisers in conjunctions with the Human/Nature: European Landscape Photography Exhibit.


Sublimated Cityscape

(March-April, 2006) 22’

Sound Installation for Sublimated City, curated by the UMKC Center for Creative Studies for the Urban Culture Project Space and Epsten Gallery, Kansas City.


Sonic Snap Shots (Paul Rudy, David Olen Baird and Paul Mullen)

(2006) Interpretive Composition Workstation for Ping Pong Diplomacy Installation of Stephen Hendee and Phoebe Washburn

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, March-May, 2006


Found Sound (Paul Rudy, Timothy Place and Jesse Allison)

(2002) interactive children’s installation

Location: University of Göteborg Universeum, Göteborg, Sweeden, September 16-21.


Unfound Sound (Paul Rudy, Timothy Place and Jesse Allison)

(2001) interactive children’s installation

Kemper Museum of Modern Art, August.


Imagination Stations (Timothy Place, Paul Rudy)

(2000) interactive composition museum installation

Premier: Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, August 21-23, 2000.



Across Continents

(1994) 7’ jazz ensemble


Silver Express

(1992, revised 2006) 6’ jazz ensemble

*Commissioned by Terry Sawchuk


Four Wood

(1991) 9’ jazz band arrangement, Terry Sawchuk, Composer

*Winner: special citation in jazz arranging: Wichita Jazz Festival, 1992.


Childs Play

(1990) 8’ jazz quintet: tenor, trumpet, piano, and drums


Yes and No

(1990) 5’ big band arrangement, Wayne Shorter, composer



(1989) 6’ big band arrangement, Clint Houston, composer