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I have spent the last 10 years, and especially since moving onto the land, tracking the moon and sun cycles. I've been closely listening to the energy of the environment I live in, and learning from it. For me, there are optimal times to plant the seeds of my life changes, to water, grow, and expand them, and other times to take a break and draw inward letting them germinate. During the winter months In the northern hemisphere, the Earth is dormant, and has drawn all its resources into low-use mode. It is a time of rest. January 1, 11 days after the Winter Solstice, the Sun lacks potency as it veers South, even while being closest to the Earth. The energy here on the land is dipping towards its lowest. All the plants and animals know it. There is a similar period in July here, after the Summer Solstice, where things slow down drastically and take a break before the harvest explosion in August and September. During winter time, there are no feasts outside, except when some poor creature dies. There is no ostentatious wasting, or decadent displays of wealth: only conservation.

Meanwhile, humans participate in one of the most resource-wasting consumer orgies leading into this time. The 25th is another strange choice of a day. The time from the winter solstice through the 1st of our calendar year is a strange time. New Years resolutions are centered around bold decisions to make big changes in lives where there is literally NO support from our planetary systems for the success of these ideas. Seeds are planted in the fall and subject to the expansion and contraction of freezing, but little else. A huge amount of human energy is wasted trying to make big changes on January 1st. It coincides with nothing except a void of energy, and thus, many of these resolutions are doomed to failure. There are better times for this kind of change. Take the Chinese, for example, whose New Year corresponds with the start of a new moon cycle. That makes a lot more sense. 

Winter Sun Temple

Time is a strange thing. Our solar cycle is 365 days 5 hours 48 minutes 46 seconds long, and our lunar cycle is 27 days, 7 hours and 43 minutes. There is an 11 day difference between our solar and lunar years, meaning that they only coincide every 33 or so years. So coming up with a calendar that accurately reflects that is going to be approximate by definition. My point is not what we call it, my point is what we choose to do with it, and how out of synch it is with the rest of creation energy. 

I went about reconciling my life with these cycles a decade or more ago. It became clear to me that Spring Equinox made more sense as the start of the year.  After I moved to the land in 2011, I began to witness newness exploding in the woods at that time. The energy is frenetic, and there is plenty to go around, making it an ideal time to try to shift things in my life. In the Fall of 2017, I realized that Spring was 180 degrees out of phase with my own energy cycle. And so Fall Equinox has become my "new years day" which I later learned was when the Egyptians and other Mesopotamian cultures celebrated it also. The harvest is in its fullness, and resources are stocked up. Perhaps that's why Thanksgiving was always one of my favorite days of the year. It is a good time to give thanks for the generosity of the Earth. After that, I'm in the cave of conservation, and these other Gregorian holidays barely register. I sing a lullaby to the woods every winter solstice, and give Her quiet time until Early March. I watch the buzz around me and feel nothing for it.  These celebrations feel so misplaced to me when the shadows are long, and the days short. And I can't help but feel that celebrating the new year on January 1st is one of the silliest things humans have ever invented. It is for me at any rate. 

Long shadow days

Perhaps this was an orchestrated disconnect from Earth energies to create a culture of servitude to religious or even scientific zealotry. Regardless of why this came into being, it has been successful in completely severing our sensitivities to Earth energies. That is why I have been on a quest to find what resonates with me, not just at January 1st, but all throughout the sun cycle. I hope you find your resonance too!


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