Becoming my own inner King

April 16, 2018  •  4 Comments

There are so many ways I choose to give my power away, and make no mistake...our society tries every trick in the book to encourage me to do that. As Greg Tamblyn makes clear in songs on his CD Whiny Victim Love Songs, we are given so many messages that we are not in control of our feelings, and thus, our lives. There are lots of new songs, though, that are sending a different message, and I think humans are starting to get it: that what we put our thoughts and words on, becomes our reality. In the age of Pieces, the bringers of darkness learned how to master this manifestation, and wreak havoc upon humanity and the Earth. Now, us bringers of the dawn are learning how to do that too, in equal measure. And a big part of it is learning to create our inner world in the likeness of what we want to see in the outer world: peace, compassion, acceptance, balanced harmony, motion and care for all relations. The only way for me to bring that about, is to start inside. But you know that already.

I have an addiction. It's called Facebook, and every day my giving into it demotes me back to my own inner peasant. A growing body of research shows that social media is as addictive as any substance, that causes spikes of oxytocin and dopamine in our brain. The more we get, the more we want. The biggest challenge for me staying present lately, is constantly checking Facebook. And it's even worse...I am not only checking to see whose liked my stuff, but also if specific people have like it. This is really creepy...It's like monitoring my life to see if the right people are paying attention to me. An absurd futuristic extreme of this can be seen in the episode Nose Dive (season 3 #1) of Black Mirror. In the future people are so obsessed with their online ratings, based on who likes their posts, that they are willing to go to any lengths to get these "likes." There is good news, but I won't spoil it. Watch it for yourself. 

So, today, I started ascending back to my throne, by deleting the Facebook app from my phone. I found myself incessantly checking it. It was like a drug. So, the best way to keep from binging on this false high, is to not  least not have it constantly accessible in my pocket. I do this with food too. I am challenged by binging on sweets and carbs, so I don't keep them in the house. When I do have them, they are a real treat. 

As a recovering recluse, I have enough challenge interacting with real people in the world, and so I don't need...don't want... Facebook further encouraging me to stay home alone 24/7, when I do want to connect with real people when the time is right. 

There are many positive aspects of Facebook and social media. And I embrace those. If I have an addiction with them, then it is my fault, not theirs. So, to become my own inner sovereign, it's time for me to look inside at what is missing, and find something real to fill it with. Or better yet, leave that space open for magic to happen. And as my throne grows, I become a magnet for all that I desire in life. Facebook can't give me that, but the land can, and real people too. So, I look forward to meeting you out in the streets, in the cafe, or the woods, or coffee shop. Let's stop and chat for a while and share some air molecules. 

peace, paul




Karen Newell(non-registered)
Great blog Paul! Social media is quite a quandary. I am an introvert too, it is easy to "feel" as if you are connecting, but the social media connection is seeming more and more superficial for me.
I hope you will be hosting a drum circle soon, your gatherings are always very meaningful!
Happy Spring
ROSALINDA MUCH(non-registered)
Frigging brilliant! This is amazing Paul. Sharing R x
Paul Rudy
Hey Kathryn, liking is not nearly as good as a personal comment! Thank you!
Kathryn Niflis Johnson(non-registered)
Giving consideration as to whether I should "like" this... :D

Suffice it to say congrats and thank you for showing the way!

Love, Kat in MN
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