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Seeing requires belief. Experiencing, listening, and feeling are KNOWING. And THAT leads to reflection!

I once read of a culture, I believe in Africa, who experience seeing as a instrument of the will. Of course I can't find reference to it as I type, but it is something that I ponder a lot. What if, instead of "seeing is believing" it were the opposite: "believing is seeing"? There are stories of the 1st Nations People of N. America not being able to see the ships of Columbus floating upon the water, which may, or may not be true. I do know that there are many things in my life that I do not see, until one day, POOF...and there they are where they have been all along, right under my nose! There has been a lot of experimentation about "inattentional blindness" where we don't see things we are not paying attention too. I would take one step further and include things that we don't "think" are possible. The most well-known example is Simons and Chabri's experiment titled Gorillas in our Midst: sustained inattentional blindness for dynamic events. I also believe that we have trouble seeing those things that do not conform to our previous known experience. Thank goodness for artists who always challenge us to see/hear/taste/feel/smell the world differently. -

As a composer and sound artist, I know that what we see influences what we hear, and what we hear influences what we see. I would be out of business if our brain did not lie to us in this fashion. Perhaps lie is too strong of a word. It approximates, and works really hard to make things add up to our previously known experience. Michele Chion coined the term "synchresis" whereby our brain unconsciously fuses (and accepts) images and sound which do not occur together naturally. Indeed, the best film music and sound design relies on this "spontaneous weld" that our mind makes without our conscious permission. When was the last time you saw an orchestra out in the desert as cowboys ride by for example (Mel Brooks Blazing Saddles, not withstanding). 

I invite you to see beyond what you believe. In this time we are all called to use our other senses of hearing, feeling, and experiencing, and reflect beyond what is apparent only on the surface. I have discovered many things living here on the land that I can only half explain. It is that mystery that keeps me interested, thriving and moving forward. It keeps both my brain and my spirit involved. I invite you to share in life's mystery, and not always ask "what is it," but sometimes "how does it make me feel," or "what do I experience through it?" I invite you to explore images taken on my land, mostly at night, but some during the day. These images delve deeply into the unknowing, where seeing is only the beginning of something much deeper waiting to be explored and experienced! 

Architecture of a single breathArchitecture of a single breathPhotograph of a single breath on Halloween Night, 2014

Thanks for stopping by and happy expanding in 2017!

Oh, and I have not forgotten about smelling, tasting and touch. These are just not my area of expertise! I did lead a sound circle for the Romantics club, after an amazing gourmet meal by Asia Kostka in Porto Ercole, Italy, in July, 2011, near the end of my year at the American Academy in Rome! It was a total engagement of the most wonderful full human experience! 

See for yourself!

Experience Sound Healing!

Listen to my music!

Feel the land!


Welcome to my new web space! Please explore at your own pace!





Paul Rudy
So true ED, vision takes up 10,000,000 of our 12,000,000 bit sensory data, and our mind can only consciously process at ca. 50 bits per second. So, much of the data coming in is discarded... Tör Norrentranders' book The User Illusion is a great summary of all the research into this!
Edward Beyer(non-registered)
We as humans on this blue ball experience only a fraction of what our full senses are picking up. I want to see and feel and sense in four K way past high definition.
Great blog Paul

Blessings to you
Edward Beyer
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