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In 2012 I moved onto the land in NE Kansas. On these 70 acres of woods and prairie, I harmonize with the physical and metaphysical. I honor the energies and ancestors as I balance the feminine and masculine polarity. I play in mind, body, and spirit, and have built land art and a labyrinth where the non-physical becomes palpable. In 2014 I saw "the Universe of a single breath" in a photograph on Halloween. Whether as a composer, performer, nature and subtle energy photographer, writer, speaker or teacher, my work communes with essence, to honor what is true and unique. The land has taught me about the circle of life, and I have composed about it. I have been called “the High Priest of Sound,” and my music described as “The Universe unfolding one sound at a time.” The music that comes through me opens up a horizon that you may choose to navigate on your own terms. The journey is not so much of my design, but of your desire. It will help you come home to yourself.

Acknowledgments: special thanks to Steve Smith and Jon Rudy for their help on my web site. To all of my teachers throughout life, deepest gratitude. And to my colleagues at the UMKC Conservatory and Jim Mobberley, Chen Yi, Zhou Long, and Mara Gibson, I am grateful. To friends in Lawrence and Kansas City, thank you. 


Short bio (250 words)

Dr. Paul Rudy (DMA) has been called “The High Priest of Sound” and “Sage.” In addition to composing instrumental and electronic art, he practices sacred sound, sound immersion, sound healing, and leads meditations. His music and sonic art balance conservatory training with shamanic practices, subtle energies, and technology, each of which guide his intuitive performances and compositions, bridging science and spirituality. Performances happen in yoga studios, universities, and festivals, and ranges from free-dance, sound meditation, collaborative theater, group improvisation, and working with choreographers. Some recent venues include: Rootwire Transformational Art Festival, The American Academy in Rome, The Nelson-Atkins and Kemper Museums of Art, The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine, The Council Grove Conference, Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras; dance collaborations with choreographers Gary Abbott, Sabrina Madison-Cannon and DeeAnna Hiett; and a monthly Sound Meditation for Compassion. He is a Rome Prize (2010), Guggenheim (2008), Fulbright (1997) and Wurlitzer Foundation (2007 and 2009) Fellow, and his music has won two Global Music Awards (2012, for Innovation in Sound and Mixing/Editing), the Sounds Electric ’07 (Dublin), EMS Prize (Sweden), and Citta di Udine (Prize ex aequo, Italy) competitions, to name a few. He is a Curators’ Distinguished Professor and Coordinator of Composition at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, Conservatory, where he received the Kauffman Award for Artistry (2008) and Service (2018). Six CD’s in his series “2012 Stories” are available for streaming and purchase online. See for complete information.


Artist Statement

As a high priest of sound, I honor heard and unheard, seen and unseen energies to create experiences that suggest without prescribing, invite without commanding, and lead without directing. As a kid, I loved to make things. That same kid got jerked into a horror film by the screams coming from the TV, a trauma that set me on a path towards my life’s mission to bring healing through the power of sound and resonance. In listening deeply, I harmonize inside and out, whether creating music, making sacred spaces on my 70 acres in NE Kansas, or working with clients in sound practice. In music that can compress a lifetime into an hour, or create the world one sound at a time, I do not force a narrative, but rather create a space where each listener can trek at will, pursuing the pathways of their own instinct or choice, and perhaps even bump into another self along the way. In the sacred earth spaces I create, each visitor says is their own prayer simply by being present. Subtle energies captured in my photographs, reveal a beautiful cosmic place where scale and time have no meaning, and challenge us to see an entirely obvious, rarely contemplated, and alternate reality. In this space, each of us have the potential to explore a sacred marriage between intellect, intuition, work and play, becoming the High Priest of our own kingdom as well.


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