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About my photography

I have seen through the camera lens all my life, but only recently started capturing things that really intrigue my imagination! On Halloween night of 2014, on a cold, moonlit walkabout, I began taking photos on my property at Harmony Farm in northeast Kansas. Photos of the night sky, sometimes with the moon as a backdrop, began revealing many different kinds of orbs, shapes, and configurations I had never seen before. My breath found its way into them as well, creating cosmic designs that look more like supernovas and distant galaxies, than the moisture from my body. I have long been curious about the unseen things of the world, and these photos inspired my imagination. Explained, or unexplained, these images show, to me at least, the magic and mystery of life. When I suspend my disbelief, reality shifts and becomes far more rich than I could have imagined. These images became a welcome sign-post for me on my sojourn through this life time. 

Anomalous Sites Photographs


Shafer Gallery Director Dave Barnes said Rudy’s photography invokes infinite speculation and awe.

“The photographs of Paul Rudy are like a gateway into the transcendence that lays right in front of our eyes,” he said. “Rudy’s photos take me to a beautiful cosmic place where scale and time have no meaning. His work challenges us to see an entirely obvious but rarely contemplated reality.”

Barnes said Rudy’s musical and physical art complement each other organically.

“What immediately struck me about the photography and music of Rudy is that they are in total sync with each other,” he said. “Rudy’s photographs could be made into album covers for his musical compositions. He has a focused and consistent vison which is unique and identifiable even as it crosses from expressive medium to medium. This is the hallmark of a truly visionary artist.” Read full press here.


Life at Harmony Farm

I have lived at Harmony Farm for 8 years now, and this place has literally saved my life. Each day there are new wonders, and as the seasons change the lighting design, there are never two moments alike! Every walk reveals a new mystery, an un-before-seen facet of life, and wonders reflecting how life unfolds in every moment. From the Earth, to the Sky, and the quickly-moving insect life, to slower forms like plants, trees, and rocks, the diversity of this place is incalculable!




  • "Connection" at Buttonwood Art Space, Kansas City-Juried Selection (1 work), July 3-September 24th, 2020


  • "Beautiful Light: Hope, Healing and Wellness" at Buttonwood Art Space, Kansas City-Juried Selection (1 work), July 5th-September 26th, 2019
  • Shafer Art Gallery, Barton Community College, Great Bend KansasSolo Exhibition, June 21-August 1, 2019. Press Release

  • Summit's Steps Minerals, Lawrence, Kansas: November-December, 2019.


  • Carriage Factory Gallery, Newton, Kansas:Kansas Through the Eyes of an Artist, Juried selection (two works), January 13-March 2, 2017
  • Merkaba Wellness Center: June 30-August 29, 2017, Lawrence, Kansas

  • Midland Railroad Hotel, Wilson, Kansas: Solo Photography Show, May, 25-August 1, 2017.

  • Rootwire Transformational Art Festival, Ohio. July, 2017.


  • Heart of the Dove, Kansas City: July 2016-July, 2017.
  • Rootwire Transformational Art Festival, Wysteria, Ohio. July, 2016.